Watch the Kingsway, Gloucester hedgehog population HERE

Watch the Severnside, Gloucestershire hedgehog population HERE


Somewhere within each of us is a desire to make a difference with our one wild and beautiful life. It maybe driven by a desire to leave a legacy, by a response to the state of the planet, or by wishing to leave a better world for our children and beyond. And our desire to make a difference often results in a feeling of helplessness in the face of seemingly insurmountable problems. From time to time, something will trigger the kind of emotional response that enables us to take at least some form of positive action

The parlous state of the hedgehog population is one such situation. It is widely believed that there were about 35 million hedgehogs in the UK in the last century. Current estimates are around 1 million. This means that every one of the factors affecting the collapse of the population is magnified because even small losses cannot be sustained. Cars, dogs, conditions such as lice, fleas and fly strike, loss of habitat and barriers being erected within those habitats, and the general randomness of hedgehog meetings, all have an impact. The general cuteness of this most exotic of our native species leads many of us to want to do something about it

Many of us may feel uncomfortable about the impact that technology is having on us and our society, and the resulting disconnection between ourselves and the natural world, especially in relation to young people. The Hedgehog Republic and Tech4Nature is a response to all of this in what we hope will be an effective use of technology to support a better understanding of Hedgehog behaviour, and from there to understand what changes will make a difference. This can then be coupled to a wide ranging educational programme that will engage the next generation of activists and scientists.

We hope you enjoy your tour of our Republic.

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